Sunday, 17 November 2013

Lets make a start

Well I have finally made a start on the winter jobs.   I haven't put a lot of thought into what I want to achieve this winter, so I started on the basics.  I gave the hull a good scrub and washed it off with the pressure washer. This years anti foul had worked quite well but it hadn't adhered very well. I'm not sure why, possibly due to poor preparation last year or maybe something I'd used on the hull. What ever the reason, I shall have to take it back to a good base this year. While I had the pressure  washer out I set about cleaning the caked on seagull poo of the decks... Yerk!
I then set the engine up so that I could flush it out and run the carb dry.  While it was running I checked to output from the charging circuit.  I'd never used it before as it didn't seem to work.  The reason had been because one of the wires under the cover had become broken.  The output was up to 15v at full revs but at normal speeds it only puts out about 7 or 8 volts.  I will install a socket to allow it the assist with battery charging.
Somethings which occurred to me while cleaning were...
  • Set up the boom to allow easy reefing.  
  • Improve out-haul system.
  • Make new point for topping lift to attach to.
  • Strip the paint from the decks and coach-roof, repair any damage and repaint.
  • Remove all deck fittings and re-bed to stop leaks.
  • Rub down and re varnish all wood work.
  • Redesign main hatch sliders.
  • Move heads from current location.
  • Make cushion covers.
  • Make sail cover.
I'm sure this list will grow considerably over the next few weeks.