Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Rip Van Winkle awakes

Oh hello...

 remember me :)     This not being employed lark is seriously impeding on my free time for things like blogs and working on Ciao Bella.  There shouldn't really be any excuses when she is this close to home.

So what have I been doing?

I have been busy on my Diploma and work on other boats though.    It's been interesting getting stuck into other more fulfilling work than Sales account management.  I've fitted a mast compression post to a quarter tonner,  glassed in floor strengtheners, serviced inboards and outboards and sweated on a stern gland removal.... I've even reglazed a VW camper van!
 Most importantly I've been getting to grips with boat surveys.  I've invested in a Tramex Skipper moisture meter  for GRP & wood hulls and a Cygnus 4  wall thickness gauge for steel hulls.steel hulls.

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Plans for Ciao Bella

As the balance between study and work has been tight, no work at all has gone into Ciao Bella.  With 1st April approaching at a vast rate of knots I shall have to put some time aside to get her ready. The good news is that there are no real big jobs to do, the interior is quite bad at the moment;  damp has taken hold so a simple rethink is required before launch.  The Marlec solar panel was goosed so I bought some RS branded items.  They are good value but have to buy them in packs of five.. I have three spare if anyone is interested.:)

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These panels are half the size of the old Marlec but still 10W.. good news as it means I can get twice the power from my front hatch :)
I gave her a good blast with the power washer when I got her home so antifouling should be quite straightforward.  If I get time I will rub down and epoxy the grab rails etc before varnishing.

In terms of plans for sailing this year, the big trip will be to Plymouth for the Hurley 18 & 22 50th Anniversary bash.  If the weather is kind, I know it won't be, I intend to cross the channel to Alderney  for a few days, then back across to Dartmouth before trotting around to Plymouth for the celebrations.  Sounds simple.

Outline programme
Friday 22nd July 2016Hurley boats gather at King Point Marina
Saturday 23rd July 2016afternoon - Hurley boats sail-past
evening - meal and social/presentation evening at the Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club
Sunday 24th July 2016Visit to Richmond Walk; plaque unveiling (to be confirmed). Boats disperse.