Previous Winter Jobs


  1. Replace stern lamp and bracket.
  2. Replace mast head lamp.
  3. Replace rudder tube and stock.
  4. Repair Stem head fitting.
  5. Strengthen pulpit bases.
  6. Replace guard wire with Stainless wire (Currently string).
  7. Replace stanchion caps.
  8. Repair tiller pilot.
  9. Paint decks
  10. Fit electrical socket for outboard charger.
  11. Service outboard
  12. Antifoul.
  13. Make Interior cushion covers.
  14. Make cockpit tidy and compass protector box.
  15. Fit cleats on boom for easier reefing.

  1. New main sail with insignia & two reefs inc VAT. (Quotes from Saunders sails £535.68, Arrun Sails £570, Kemp Sails £495.07  and Swift sails £453.87 )
  2. Sail Cover
  3. Rub down and varnish all exterior woodwork.
    1. Rubbing strakes re- sadolined
    2. Grab rails
    3. Wash boards
    4. Locker lids New ones made.
    5. Tiller
    6. Mainsheet traveller base
  4. Rub down and varnish all interior woodwork
    1. Ceiling
    2. Bulkheads
  5. Repair / replace main hatch sliders.
  6. Replace wood on main hatch.
  7. Service winches.
  8. Replace cam cleats on mainsheet traveller.
  9. Make interior cushion covers. In progress
  10. Prepare and paint decks. - Decided to try to cut back to original gel coat.
  11. Prepare and paint hull. - Decided to cut back and polish
  12. Remove Antifoul.
  13. Apply antifoul  (Raise level).
  14. Repair or replace windex.
  15. Repair top rudder stock bearing,
  16. Repair lower rudder stock bearing.
  17. Shorten lower pintle pin.
  18. Repair rudder
  19. Pack rudder tube with grease.
  20. Fit flushing heads. In progress - Jabsco compact £98 from  Force4, Seacocks £50 from Preloved, White hose and SS clips £42 from Hyphose, marine ply - Left over from last year.
  21. Service both outboard engines (Before they get clogged up).  Sold Mariner 4HP to finance sails. £170.
  22. Replace stantions with more user friendly ones (i.e. ones that wont gouge chunks out of you). New caps fitted £3 from RS
  23. Remove gas locker and cooker. Origo 3000 acquired £75.
  24. Remodel Galley to accept Origo
  25. Install Tiller pilot - Extension piece - Electrical install
  26. New Spinnaker halyard.
  27. Longer Genoa Sheets required.
  28. Spinnaker pole service. - Bought new one
  1. Refit Stantions and Pushpit
  2. Clean sails
  3. Replace Genoa UV Strip (Concept sails £116)
  4. Replace cabin Sole
  5. Replace washboards
  6. Replace locker lids
  7. Replace mushroom vent
  8. Repair rodder pintle
  9. Repair tiller mount
  10. Fit seacocks to cockpit drain (Plastic scuppers also need replacing, DZR seacocks and bronze skin fittings sourced)
  11. Replace rotten floor support, repair kick board and replace side stringer.   Still needs  painting.
  12. Replace headlining
  13. Check electrics,  reposition. cable runs and switch panel.
  14. Fit compass (eBay bargain sourced)
  15. Fit VHF radio
  16. Fit NASA Duet
  17. Replace battery (100 A/H Liesure deep cycle £95)
  18. Reposition battery in box, under cockpit.
  19. Fit solar panel (Marlec semi flex 10w panel bought £78)
  20. Fit Genoa cars and tracks.
  21. Fit headlinning properly
  22. Make trim for inside of mushroom vent.
  23. make and fit side panels (Window trim).
  24. Design make and fit bulkhead panels / storage / electrical panel for either side of companion way.
  25. Rub down and varnish rubbung strakes Port side rotten and needs replacing  All currently being replaced.
  26. Remount rear fairleads
  27. Fix water leak from outboard well.
  28. Clean and check running rigging
  29. Clean and check standing rigging
  30. Stop water ingress  (Remove clean and seal front wondows, hatch sliders, stanchions and grabrails) Remove pushpit, drill holes overside, fill with structural epoxy; redrill and refit push pit.
  31. Repair bilge pump (Deck plate repair kit bought, will fit in spring)
  32. Anti Foul
  33. Varnish woodwork
  34. Fit Windex
  35. New anchor and chain (Plough & Danforth plus chain £30 PBO forum)
  36. Repair/service outboard motor
  37. Clean, repair & paint tender

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