Saturday, 13 October 2012


At last... I have my autohelm. I picked it up last night and I'm well chuffed. It's in great condition with all the bits n pieces. It's even got the wind vane so it can have a course set against the wind direction, this is however still attached to previous boat.
Mike was a star.. Instead of grabbing my measly few pounds and throwing me out of the door again, he spent 20 mins showing me how to take it apart and restring it, apparently the main cause of failure on these. Cheers Mike. I won't gaff about with it until the boat is home as I need to get an extension piece for the arm and set up the electrics.
Today is looking pretty darned good, if not a little chilly, so John and myself will be heading off shortly for a daysail in the harbour.
Cheers for now ;-)

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