Tuesday, 30 July 2013

New Propellor and a cheeky blast around the harbour.

I picked up a new propellor for my Tohatsu 6hp from Holes Bay Marine yesterday, unfortunately it was far too windy to get out to Ciao Bella so I took a trip over this evening  to fit it.  
It was a nice easy job, done and dusted in a few minutes.  I hung the outboard back on the transom. The engine had ended up sat on the wrong side for a minute or two at the weekend so I was mindful that it may have drained engine oil into the cylinder, so before staring it I removed the spark plug and gave it a few pulls to blow out any standing oil. I then checked the oil level and then started it up.  I don't think any oil have got in but better safe than sorry.
With the evening still in front of me I took the opportunity to take to old girl for a spin around the harbour.  The weather looked like it was going to turn wet it actually held out nicely.  I headed towards the RoRo before formulating my plan to whizz around the island.

It was a great sail, I practiced my tacking, made a complete B's up of one of them, didn't get the Genoa sheeted in quick enough and the nose dropped back through and backed the genoa.  Still all the others went well. It was lovely to get an impromptu sail in, for some reason I haven't been doing as much of this kind of sailing since selling Jelly Bean... I'm not sure why, it doesn't take any longer to set her up and she's quicker once she is set up so maybe I just need to force myself to get out in the evenings more often :)
Back at the club a few of the dinghy sailors were just packing up, it was nice to catch up with a few people before heading home.  

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