Friday, 1 May 2015

At last

Well she's in. I had my annual early season swim in the harbour... I may be late getting in but the water is no warmer. 
There was the usual shananigans at the slipway.   A motorboat launched then took chunks off the prop so had too come out again and some lads with a jet ski reversed down the ramp, hit the brakes and the jet ski shot off the trailer onto the concrete.  
Anyway, Paul came along to help raise the mast, We pushed her down slipway and after some faffing about in the water I motored her to the mooring. 
The auto helm works a treat. Handy as I needed to dry off and get changed. 
At the mooring I set about putting her together properly,  funny how you don't notice things that are broken and would have been so much easier to fix at home.

Err, there should be something attached to this! and the pic below shows the pin which fell out and the bottom of my main sheet block.  
Anyway, I managed to bodgesmith  it back together.  The sails are on and a few other bits and pieces.  The good news is, it's ready to go. the next time I step on the boat I'll jus need to raise the sails cast off  :)


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