Thursday, 4 June 2015

Twilight sail

Since buying Ciao Bella I haven't really taken advantage of being able to sail in the evening.  I used to do it a lot with Jelly Bean but for some reason I've stopped.  So this evening I legged it down to the club after work.. the timing was a bit off as the water was just disappearing as I arrived.   Two hours and several teas later and I was aboard and ready to cast off.

As I just wanted a gentle sail I furled a good chunk of the genoa and struck off across the harbour.  The tide was flooding back in to the harbour which made it interesting around the entrance.   I had tacked towards the castle but the tide over here was ripping along and it soon became apparent that I was actually sailing backwards!
I fought my way back towards the entrance and cut across the moorings at Shell bay.
The area around the back of Furzey and Green Islands is designated a s a quiet area.    How surprised was I that the Purbeck Princess was ploughing her way around this peaceful enclave with a party in full swing and some dippy prat on the PA telling the whole area that it was Melanie from the Purbecks twentieth birthday.
Back to the piece and quiet, I watched the sun go down while coasting along at a very sedate 2.5knots.  It was so calm that I was even able get the kettle on. Perfect.
Lots of wild foul out in the quiet zone,  plenty of geese about, this one wanted to catch up with his mates.
The old chain ferry, now used as a store by the fishermen, moored by Brownsea.  John Lennon was a regular on this ferry when his Aunt Mimi live here.  
The sun had definitely gone, leaving great colours in the sky and silhouetting boats.. lovely.

I eventually had to start the motor as I was barely making any headway.   The tiller pilot comes into it's own now as it allows me to get on with readying the boat for mooring, it takes all the stress out of it.

A right pleasant potter around the islands.  My sailing backwards antics can be clearly seen just before the 2 mile mark.

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