Sunday, 10 April 2016

Time to get a shufty on.

With the season already started and Ciao Bella still on the front garden, I thought it best to get on and do some jobs.  Fortunately my father in law was here and at a loose end so was happy to rub down and varnish a few bits and pieces.
 The head linings had gone mouldy so needed rubbing down and varnishing and painting on the inside.   Maurice also rubbed down the grab rails, seats and rubbing strakes.

 I concentrated on stopping leaks, primarily from the solar vent, and and antifouling Ciao Bella and the tender.  Looks like the boat tailed spitfire is about to lose it's bodywork 😁

Another item which needed attention was the solar panel.  The rather expensive Marlec panel which I  had fitted three years ago had given up the ghost, very disappointing.  
The old panel when new.  10W with Single cable through a standard cable gland.

So I have replaced it with these two 10W panels from RS components. Twice the power and cheaper than the Marlec, also the inherent weak point on the on the Marlec is the connector block which is just bonded to the panel.. on these the block is glued and screwed, hopefully it will be more robust.

2 x 10W in same footprint, 2 cables through index marine deck gland.

 I also did away with cable gland and fitted an index marine twin side entry deck gland, much nicer.  It would have been neater to have the cable entry towards the hatch but I had to use the hole already there so this was the only way it would fit.  They seem to work well, in 24 hours they took the battery from 60% to 82% which considering I'd had one panel temporarily hooked up for weeks and that really just maintained and  only gradually crept the charge up.
 I managed to get some varnish on the seats and the grab rails and refitted the headlinings, then in true 'sods law' fashion the heavens opened before the varnish was dry.
 I'd also got 2.5 litres of Flag cruiser antifoul on.  it was the cheapest I could find, lets hope it keeps the barnacles at bay.  What's left to do?.. well, the VHF connector needs replacing, the outboard needs a service, the rubbing strakes need a coat of sadolin and the seats and grab rails need a couple more coats of varnish.  I think that's about it.
not sure how good the Flag anti foul will be but I do like the dark blue compared to last years light blue