Monday, 5 September 2016

Seagull cam

Sorry Dom, I stole your facebook comment for the post title.
Not the most exciting bit of sailing footage but a huge thanks to Richard from Skitch pics for bringing your drone along. Would be nice if we could control the weather  :)


  1. Oooooooh.... now that's posh!! Verrrrr nice..

  2. hi phil

    as a regular follower for the past few years I was wondering if everything is well and going good as we have not seen any new posts for a while (last year ) please keep us updated on things

  3. Hi Alan, yes, all is well here. Ciao Bella is having a year off. I have too many other projects to finish, rusty old cars :), so need to concentrate on them during the fine summer weekends. I might even get around to giving Ciao Bella a good make over as well. I have other adventures planned.. A trip to Alderney on a Corribee and the club has just won funding for two Topper Argos so looking forward to honing my dingy skills (Code for keeping dry in a dinghy).
    Looking forward to getting back out on Ciao Bella in 2018 :)