Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Finished scraping

Back to work on the Mirror last night,  I have now largely finished scraping the old paint from the hull.   I feel this DeWalt hot air gun deserves a special mention.   I had a Bosch hot air gun which stopped working suddenly, so I borrowed this one from a neighbour.  The difference was remarkable.  The DeWalt seemed to get hotter quicker so the the paint would go softer quicker meaning that the heat build up in the wood was more localised and would cool down quicker.

Tools - Hot air gun and a triangle type scraper (Regularly sharpened).

Sorry about the quality pictures below, it was starting to get dark :o).  I refrained from going overboard with the heat gun on the edges and the epoxy taped seams.

There are some areas of epoxy that need repairing, particularly around the centre board slot and skeg.  The wood is really sound with only one small repair found, a puncture in the bow which looks like it had been in a colision at some time.

I shall remove the fittings next and go over with the sander to get rid of all the wee bits and pieces.  Repair the areas of epoxy and get some paint and varnish on her.


  1. Hi Phil, sorry to hear you ran out of hot air. My ex-missus would have gladly come round and sorted that little problem out for you. Have to say the mirror is looking really good. You could try a West Epoxy kit, or I do have some Safeguard LVP epoxy left over that you are welcome to have that would do the job. Roller it on nice and thin then leave for a day, roller on again then leave for a week to fully harden. cheers Rog

  2. Hi Rog, I would certainly take you up on the LVP offer... as for your ex missus, errr no thanks :o)

  3. Hi Phil, Good decision on all counts! I'll be at EDSC Saturday arvo, will try to remember to bring with me.

  4. I'll be on my way to Lymington :) Are you able to access the lockers? Mines in the one with engine store. Not sure of the number but there is a list on the wall. You could leave it there. I share a locker with Martin Creasey so there'll be a pair of grey oars in our locker... as opposed to Japanese twins :)