Monday, 16 September 2013

Old boats, new boats, glamour and glitz

On Saturday I was able to get over to the Southampton boat show to check out what I would spend my lottery winnings on. We arrived just after the gates opened and got stuck straight in.  There were a fantastic selection of boats from fold away tenders to enormous luxury motor yachts.  My interest lie in the middle ground from the trailerable yachts such as the Cape Cutter 19 and the offerings from Swallow boats through the exquisitely designed  weekend-sailers such as the Rustler 33 to the wonder of the Hi tech race boats and of course the classics in all shapes and sizes. Below is just a small selection... I was so enthralled that I kept  forgetting to get the camera out!

Bestwind 50 - This was fantastic,  so much room inside, you could have a barn dance.  Looked and felt like it would go around the globe without a hiccup. 
Rustler 33 - This was easily my favourite boat at the show. The classic lines mixed with modern materials gave it the feel of a week end sports car.

Clean lines - shame I couldn't get it all in one shot. 

Caterhams forray into racing yachts - Using F1 technology to break into the yacht racing arena.  I hope this handles better in the wet than a caterham 7 :) 

I know which one I'd rather spend time on.

A recreation of a Pheonician sailing boat from 600BC - This has circumnavigated Africa
 As well as all the wonderful boats, there is a huge selection of chandlery and services to hunt through.  I managed to pick up a Henry Lloyd coastal suit for £200... my old XM suit had served well for 6 or 7 years but is now ready for retirement.  The quality of the Henry Lloyd is instantly realised over the XM and I can't wait to try it out next weekend when I go to Weymouth... At this time of year I'm expecting rain :)
Sorry, couldn't find a professional model so here's me doing my best Grattons catalogue poses .


  1. You numpty..... :o))

    PS. Good choice in wet weather gear... me too... TP1 set... keeps me dry as a bone but wear something warm underneath it...

  2. Good call, it doesn't feel as thick as the old kit but that's good because it means it doesn't restrict maneuverability as much. Numpty huh! you wait til you see my 'Blue steel' look :)