Friday, 10 October 2014

Wareham consolation prize

Last week end we had planned to go to Weymouth.  Liam came over from the Isle of Wight on the Friday with the intention of heading further west.  We would have to set off early on Saturday to catch the tide West, unfortunately the weather had other plans.   Force 8 Southerlys were forecast for the morning accompanied by a deluge...
Saturday 4th Oct:

A plan B was required.  The weather was set to improve in the afternoon.  We couldn't go West, not much point going South, so that just left North... Not easy on the South Coast. :)
We Set off on the rising tide and  had a play in the harbour.  The weather was a spirited Force 4 from the Northwest.

After having a cracking few hours in the harbour we arrived at the river entrance, where I almost immediately ran aground.  Arrgh!  I was well within the stakes but I had been caught out here some years before.  Liam couldn't get near enough without grounding, eventually Paul got his Corribbee close enough and after a struggle I manage to break free.
We rocked up at the quay to find a huge crowd waiting for us, I expect waiting for a pleasure boat to pick them up.  Liam arrived just after me and Paul just after him.  Nothing quite like having  a crowd to watch you moor up.... Especially when you realise, just too late, that they are not waiting for a pleasure boat but are all watching one of their loved ones ashes on  a  small burning raft in the middle of the river and we have just stolen the front row seats :(.
We had a good night in the town, returning to the Quay for a night cap or two.  The Quay (Pub) was getting a bit punchy so we went back to the boats.
Liam had already turned in as he needed to be away by about 7am if he was goung to get back to the Isle of Wight by a reasonable time.  Paul and Myself could afford a lie in :)

Liam sent this too late for me to include but I not going to leave it out... apart from anything else he's got a decent camera. 

Sunday 5th Oct:
Paul and I had been struck down by a mysterious illness which resembled a hangover.. Can't think what it could have been.  We went in search of a bacon sandwich and lots of Coffee to cure it.
We left the quay around 11am with not a breath of wind blowing.  Back in the upper harbour I optimistically raised the main sail.   An hour later it came good and the breeze filled in nicely and we had another cracking sail back to the mooring.
I couldn't get back to mine as the tide was out so rafted up with Paul and had a cuppa until the tide came back.
A great consolation to our original plan.  It's not often we have time to just mess around and not care about the heading or what time we'll get there.  The season is nearly done but I intend to get out at least one more time before before she comes out.