Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Fish finder for sale

I don't normally use the blog for selling stuff, but I thought this might be relevant to some readers.
I'm selling my Garmin Fishfinder 140 to help fund some of this years work on Ciao Bella.
I bought this two years ago for Jelly Bean, click for blog link.  When I bought Ciao Bella I decided I wanted a Nasa Duet.. to be honest the Garmin is a better tool, It shows depth more accurately and gives a pictorially view of the bottom to help avoid rocks and to give some clue to anchor holding.  The Nasa just gives me depth... and that's not always accurate.  The Nasa is now filling a big hole in the bulkhead so it will have to stay there.  Time to move the Fishfinder on. The full manual can be found here and I'm looking for £55 for it.
If anyone is interested email me here and we can talk. It's all there, just not in the box.  If no interest then it'll go on the eBay lottery next week :o)
Cheers Phil


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  2. Sold to the man in the hat... Or should I say West Sussex :)

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