Wednesday, 14 November 2012

New Identity


Since buying Ciao Bella, just over a year ago, I have tried to find the hull or sail no for her.  The usual inquiries came up with zilch.. Club register, forums, trying to track down previous owners.. even looking back though the SSR number didn't help.  I have had to come to the conclusion that I will never be able  find the numbers that she was issued with.
As I am on the brink of ordering a new main sail I wanted to have one last try or, at least see if a new number could be issued.
Nick Vass and Bruce Carter from the Hurley Owners Assoc were a great help here.  Nick set the wheels in motion to see if a No could be assigned and also suggested that there is a growing number of yachts that use their SSR number as a sail number.
Nick sent me a list of currently unassigned numbers and suggested that I could pick one of those,  Bruce then had a closer look and eliminated most as, although not on the register, they  had been assigned to export boats or may have been sold on after the receiver took control.  That left No 199 which had never been built and was from late 1968, about the right period. As this boat had never been built, it mean't I could use the number without fear of conflict with any other Hurley 20. As Hurley 20's have their sail number prefixed by a 3, the number on the sail will be 3199
The records have been amended to show that Ciao Bella has this number assigned from 14th Nov 12 so her rebirth is complete.  From numberless 'Comme Ci Comme Ca' to 199 'Ciao Bella'
I feel I should smash a bottle of bubbly stuff :o))

Regarding a new sail, I have had lots of quotes ranging from £452 to £533 for the same spec sail. As I like to try to keep the pounds close to home, I was going to go for Kemp Sails; a local supplier who was about midway through this range , however I did eventually go for the offer from Swift sails.  This is mainly through recommendation.  I have recently seen the quality of their sails on another Hurley 20 and I was impressed.  The only reason I didn't chose Kemp sails in the end was that I would of had to raise the mast again and take measurements.  Swift already have this information and as Rogers rig was identical to mine, I know it works. Swift also had the added benefit of being the cheapest.
Big Easy sporting her Swift sails main sail.  Picture from Sailing Today magazine.


  1. PS. Why on the blog background has Ciao Bella got Big Easy's main up?????????

  2. Busted.... Early in the year the top of my sail snuck out of the sail cover and flogged itself to pieces. Roger lent me his old sail while mine was being repaired. Without that I'd have done even less sailing this year.
    I may have to rename her as Pap2.. or if I'm feeling all gansta 2Pap :o))

  3. I found out Sparrow's sail number yesterday... #109

    So when I have a new sail made (eventually!) should she have "3109" on it??