Saturday, 17 November 2012

What a waste.

In order to encourage the current Mrs Ciao Bella to join me more often aboard, I realised I would have to improve the facilities. The major improvement would be a sea toilet. The current bucket... Even with the addition of a seat was not cutting the mustard.
I know a Jabsco compact will fit in nicely so I started looking around, gealforce have the loo at a good price but when I looked at the bits needed to fit it I nearly choked. Time to scour the free-ads. Patience paid off and today I managed to pick up a pair of DZR sea cocks complete with skin fittings and tails for £50... Excellent.
All I need now is a loo and some wappingly expensive hygienic tube.
Oh yeah, and work up the enthusiasm and courage to drill some big holes in my boat.


  1. Oh man... don't do it...... go buy yourself a posh chemical one.... added advantage you don't have to drill holes and you can still use it when you're aground/on the mud......

  2. Yeah I can't wait.. It'll be like a game of pin the tail on the donkey :o)) It's a psychological thing. I don't think it will get much use but needs to be there as a safety blanket.... if you know what I mean.