Friday, 25 January 2013

Small progress

So in the spirit of moving forward, yesterday I stopped off at Machine Mart to pick up a 10" blade for my table saw and a 3/8 bsp straight through union. Which meant this morning, bright and early before work got in the way, I was able to tick one job off and start on another.
The union was to enable me to finish the auto pilot extension This is a piece of Ali from a golf trolley, cut to length, and tapped at each end to accept the union and the original end piece. The thread isn't exactly right but its close enough and as the whole thing cost about £1 I am prepared to accept this. Once assembled it won't be disassembled so no problem.
The saw blade enabled me to cut the battens for raising the fore-peak locker lids from the scavenged hardwood door frame, seen leaning up against the garage :).

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  1. Well done.... still loads of snow over your way I see..... :o)