Sunday, 17 February 2013

Galley unit part one.

With the boys room decorated and a hint of spring outside I made a dash for the boat.  With so many jobs to do it wasn't hard to find something to attack.   The galley unit caught my eye first so I set about it with a lump hammer. The trouble was that the Origo stove is just a tad larger than a standard twin burner camping stove so I would have do something to accommodate it.
The forward bulkhead could not be moved as it helps support the mast so I would have to move the rear upright by about 1/2 inch.  I decided to cut out the old side, just leaving enough of a flange to screw the new panel to.
First I marked where I wanted to cut, then cut it out with a jigsaw... no turning back now.
I only had a small piece of 9mm marine ply left over from last years efforts but it was enough for the new side.  It was a bit shorter than the previous one but still ok.  My plan to screw it straight to the old flange didn't work out, it was still too narrow.  I was going to use washers to space it out but decided it would be better to trim some 3mm strips of hardwood on the table. These  worked perfectly, they packed it out enough to accept the stove without pushing it out so far as to foul the locker lid.
Here it is roughly put together.  Before finishing up I made some hardwood trims for the edges, put an up-stand behind the stove and spent a a load of time scraping and sanding the artex off the bulkhead.
The space underneath was a bit of a dumping area so I have decided to get some polystyrene and make this area into a cool box for food.  More on that later.

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