Monday, 11 February 2013

Sailing Scenes

While gazing into my picture of Jelly Bean and myself battling around Harrys Rock, I thought I could do with a similar picture of Ciao Bella to keep her company on the Lounge wall.   David Harding took the picture of Jelly Bean so I looked up his website to get his contact details. The plan being to find out when and where he was likely to be so that I could arrange to be out there at the same time and get some good quality pictures taken.

Better than that, he'd already got some pics from my last trip to Yarmouth,  so I've now got a 10" x 15" photograph on order.   I've chosen the Portrait syle one as it will go side by side with Jelly bean.  David will make all the fine adjustments before printing to show it at it's best. The Cost is £27 plus £1.50 postage, I reckon that's not too bad for a professional photograph.
So the moral of the story is.. if you sail around Bournemouth bay and you want a top quality pictures of your pride and joy to hang on the wall next to the ceramic ducks; it's worth checking Davids website; as he may already have snapped you. If not you can call him to find out where he'll be loitering (Generally taking pictures of race events) and head in his direction.

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