Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Rudder Trouble #3

So then, the repairs to the rudder move on a bit.   A local fabricator has supplied me with some strips of 3mm x 22mm stainless steel, drilled to match the old thin ones. In the meantime I'd cut a chunk of Nylon to make the bearing.  As I can't weld stainless I asked Brian to help me out.   Brian just does things.. I don't know anyone else who has made their own weld set!

The strips were about 2" over size so the plan was to trim the excess off the strips and use one off cut to weld across the bottom to form a channel for the Nylon bearing to sit in

Brian did a fabulous job, the bearing fits nicely. It will be fixed in place by a bolt from one side to the other.  I  will drill the bearing after I have aligned it with the pintle.

I will run the boat up on the beach again ASAP in order to fit it, Hopefully back in business by the weekend :)

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