Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Feeling flushed

`There's no stopping me at the moment.  Tonight I have knocked off a couple of jobs, first I moved the battery to a more suitable position, from under the cockpit sole to the the bilge space under the port rear quarter berth.  As the bilge is curved and there is a great big hole down into  the keel space i.e.no floor to sit it on, I bolted the battery case to the side wall, spacing it out slightly with a hard wood batten to allow the lid to fit on.  The strap is clamped between the batten and the wall.

The conduit for the cables is quite chunky, about 20mm so I had to bore a hole in the locker lid and slot it out to allow it fit.

While I was on a roll I decided to crack on with finishing off the loo installation. The platform needed supporting to stop it putting pressure on the hull.  I screwed hardwood battens to the ribs too take the weight. 
There was enough slack in the pipes to simply bore two holes in the kick board and feed them through without having to reroute them.  The new position is much better, should be easier to keep clean and get to for maintenence. I had to take a notch out of the lid to allow it to open fully.  This will need painting over to finish off but apart from that... job done.

The piece of cabin sole which was removed fits nicely over the loo and allows the forepeak to be used as a bunk again.  Especially as the locker behind now fits flush.

Also.. this little sticker got pushed through the door today,  better really push on now... I'm wasting sailing time.


  1. Nicely done - fair winds mate... I'm going in today, wish me luck with those damn sea cocks! :o)