Monday, 7 July 2014

Afternoon trip to Studland

I had booked off Thursday and Friday to Go over to the Isle of Wight ready for the Round the Island race.  The weather forecast for racing was a little uninspiring, with 0 knots forecast for times on Saturday! Not sure how you put a direction on 0 knots? :)
As James is home from Uni and not the most enthusiastic sailor in the world I thought it would be ideal conditions to entice him out for a sail... particularly if I mentioned the pub.
We got down to the club at lunch time and ate some sandwiches before going over to Ciao Bella. There was barely any wind but enough to put some shape in the sails.   Alison (Club Pirate Captain) was out in her Mirror and asked if we could take some pictures of her goosewinging to help with teaching.  We tried but the breeze was so weak it would change direction every few seconds.

We moved on out towards the entrance and started the motor.  We motor sailed all the way to studland expecting to pick up a banks Arms buoy but they were all taken.  We motored closer to shore and dropped the anchor.
As James is still young fit and slender it was easy for the two of us to paddle the coracle ashore... A different story for most of my occasional crew.

We spent a pleasant afternoon at the pub just chilling in the garden. We thought about eating there but decided to grab a cuppa and a Jamaican pattie at Joes Cafe down on the beach.
The lane down to Joes Cafe with Ciao Bella just beyond

Waiting for our grub
Back aboard and tender stowed, the wind had picked up a little so we were able to sail back to Poole.  It was great to see James enjoying the boat. I don't think he'll be rushing back but this is an improvement on just not going.

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