Sunday, 15 March 2015

A bit more rudder and some odds and sods.

Now that the sikaflex has set, it is time to start laying up some GRP.   First thing I needed to do was to position the blade so that I could work on it in various positions without covering myself in gloop.
I clamped a length of tube in the vice which allowed the stock to be supported but free to rotate.. The brown tin on the bench provided the stop which allowed me to work on other side of the blade.

I used a flap wheel on the angle grinder to take the top layer of antifoul, paint and gel coat off the leading edge and shape it to some extent.   This produced a lot of toxic dust so a good respirator was required.
After a wipe down with Acetone the gaps were filled with epoxy/micro fibre mix and the whole area was wetted before applying a layer of matting.  This was then further soaked and rollered to fully impregnate the matting. 

Left to dry, I am sure it will need a lot more work but as I have run out of resin, that will be all for now.

Today I also fitted the new stanchion tops,  they didn't fit too well in my stanchions so needed additional fixing.  The first one I drilled through the old guard wire hole and bolted it in.  This was ok but looks a little naff.

The rest I have riveted on and these look much better.  I had been using rope as guard wire but had found the old standing rigging from Jelly Bean in  box in the garage.  The Shrouds turned out to be plenty long enough to make stainless wire guard wires from, can't beat recycling :)
A couple of seasons ago some kind soul on a much larger sail boat over took me, as I was passing the last marker on the training wall which runs out to Studland, and stole my wind.  With no forward motion, I drifted into the post and my topping lift snagged, breaking the bracket at the end of the boom.

So back on the recycling theme, I used the old lower pintle cup to make a new end plate for the boom.   I made a simple pattern and cut it out with a hacksaw and finished it with a file.  I will drill a hole for the topping lift and may weld on a small hoop to attached a block for the outhaul.  This will be a big improvement.
It's late in the day and these are small steps but it is getting there.. I have decided not to make a list of jobs this year to avoid disappointment.

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  1. Lurvin' the recycling - been doing plenty of that myself. Hoping to be afloat in April if I can make it.