Monday, 23 March 2015

Outhaul bracket, limited success

Above are the tattered remains of fixing which once attached my outhaul and toppng lift to the boom.  For the last season and a half I have be using the spare arm on the end to attach these two to.   If you recall I knocked up a bracket out of the old rudder cup, the intention being to attached a hoop to it and bolt it over the broken end.

It generally went OK but I had limited success with tapping the plate to accept the bolts.  The metal is quite poor quality, no wonder it snapped,  and was too thin to take a tap successfully.  For now I have riveted it on but this is not a good permanent solution.  I will have to drill above the two rivets and secure through with a nut and bolt.  The bolt head will be able to sit nicely in the sail slug track.

I am, once again, running out of time and have got sooo much to do!


  1. Hi Phil, you could remake the end plate entirely (best option), or make an L shaped bracket from flat s/steel material, drill a hole in it to take the threaded spigot on the s/steel ring. Run it under the ring (tack weld it to the ring) and secure it to the topside of the boom with rivets. This way the forces will be taken by the L bracket and not the rivets on the end plate

  2. Hi Rog, yes, I agree new end plate would be best but a bit of a faff. Not sure I fully get what you are saying about the L shape bracket. What I would say is the Main sail is so big that there isn't much room at the end of the boom to play with. I think an M5 bolt through this bracket will be more than adequate... If not I'll try again next year :)