Sunday, 10 March 2013

Locker lids part 2

This weekend I've just about finished the locker lids, I still need to fill the grooves with Sikaflex but that's all.

Starboard lid with a coat of Sadolin, looks much better than the clear varnished ones that I made last year. I hope you like the patent paint and brush preserver... AKA a Nitrile glove stretched over the top of the tin and brush.

I trimmed some of the reclaimed hardwood to make battens for the hinges, I'm chuffed with the result, It's a lot of extra work just for some cosmetic lines but I think it's worth it. I used the last of the Sadolin to redo the rubbing strakes and companion way surround.
Still got lots to do and not a lot of time. Started on the cushion covers the other night.  Making it up as I go so once I've made one the others will be much quicker.  Starting to think about what has to be done and what can wait until next year.


  1. This is a job for me this winter... why did you use/need the batten??

  2. I had to put the battens on because there is a slight curve to the coaming. I needed to stand off the hinges otherwise the lids would scrape every time I lifted them and if I remember correctly the lids wouldn't have been able to open fully, so restricting access.
    Also it puts less strain on the grp, when your shuffling around on the seats you put quite a load on the fixings.
    I thought yours were GRP? or are you just going to hinge the lids that you have?
    If so there maybe some hinges available which you could use without battens.